Common Mistakes to Avoid in Resume Writing

Often, submitting your resume and a cover letter constitutes the initial step towards job acquisition; interestingly, for many individuals – this also stands as their final stage. Hiring managers leverage this resume process: they employ it not only to weed out numerous applicants but also to determine who amongst them merits an invitation to an interview that demands significant time investment. Naturally, one’s résumé may not achieve flawlessness; however, an effort to circumvent typical resume errors is always crucial in ensuring your application doesn’t end up within the “don’t call” stack. This article explores 8 prevalent pitfalls associated with resume writing based on the encounters of professional Resume Writing in UAE.

1. Too common information

Designing a generic résumé for every position constitutes the most common and crucial mistake in résumé writing. “Know your audience” stands as an elemental communication mantra. In résumé writing, the same principle holds true: familiarize yourself with the company you’re applying to – understand its culture; be knowledgeable about its products and services, and most crucially, comprehend its needs. Understanding these requirements equips you to present yourself as an optimal solution. Does your resume effectively address the fundamental query a hiring manager contemplates: “How can you contribute to my company’s success?” This necessitates research; therefore, invest some time exploring the company’s website.

2. Typos and grammar errors

You undoubtedly acknowledge that your résumé must exhibit grammatical correctness. Yet, numerous individuals grapple with weaknesses in grammar and spelling. This circumstance might particularly apply to those mastering the English language, thus marking yet another glaring oversight prevalent in resume writing. Do not rely solely on word processors for identifying and rectifying typographical errors and grammar mistakes; including such directions in your résumé communicates a marked lack of attention to detail – an impression you must avoid giving prospective employers. Optimum approach: engage the services of either a friend or a professional Resume Writer in Dubai to review the document; this will introduce a fresh perspective—someone who sees what is truly on paper rather than what was intended by you. 

3. Most vital information is often buried below the top fold

The term “top fold” refers to the document’s upper one-third. Organize your resume strategically, positioning crucial information within this section; avoid committing the common mistake in resume writing of concealing your best attributes. Given that hiring managers allocate minimal time for reviewing job applications – usually scanning just a single page – it becomes imperative to prioritize and showcase key details effectively; thus, emphasizing their importance can significantly influence recruiter perception towards you as an applicant. Your opportunity to persuade them into further reading hinges on that particular section: the top third of your résumé. A favorable reaction here could lead to a complete perusal, and if they find themselves impressed with the entirety–you might just earn placement in their coveted “call back” stack.

4. Lack of statistics, data, or quantified information available

The real language of business: numbers. To succeed, a company or organization must harness the power of data; it should base its decisions on concrete numerical evidence. However–and this is a common mistake in CV writing–many fail to provide data on their resumes. Should your previous employers lack a data-driven approach, you might not include measurable data. However, do not despair; perfection is unattainable in any resume – simply strive to outperform your competition by minimizing errors on yours.

5. Focus on responsibilities rather than results

Focusing on job descriptions rather than your actual accomplishments often signifies a common resume writing mistake. Instead of merely listing duties or responsibilities, articulate your successes; demonstrate how you’ve triumphed in previous roles–not simply held them. To ensure that the content of your resume displays specific and quantifiable achievements, contact Professional CV Writing Services in UAE today.

6. Incorrect contact information

You may indeed believe that you could never commit this error; your perception likely aligns with the common understanding: a resume is designed to entice a hiring manager—prompting them, through its contents, towards using the provided contact information. However–do not dismiss this point without consideration! Surprisingly, often, it occurs.

7. Wrong Level of English

Non-native English speakers particularly peril themselves with this resume mistake. The hypothesis, “a good writer connects to their audience through the adept use of language,” holds universal truth. In terms of CVs, it dictates employing a lexicon that is not only clear and precise but also professional in nature. Writing in either overly casual or excessively technical language represents a prevalent error.

8. Too Much Information

Including an excess of personal information represents the most prevalent error. Limit your resume to only 2-3 pages; acknowledge that, as a multifaceted individual with captivating interests and an extensive skill set–you indeed hold considerable depth: this is essential for effective resume writing in UAE. The hiring manager, disinterested in personal acquaintance with you, seeks only to discern your potential benefit for their company in a specific role; thus – unless your hobbies directly correlate to the position at hand, exclude them. This warning extends towards previous jobs as well – non-essential positions can be omitted; however, strive to circumvent temporal gaps: these may raise concerns and potentially compromise the flow of your application.

FAQs on Resume Writing in UAE

1. How many pages should a CV be in UAE?

Ensure your CV covers a concise 2 to 3 pages (maximum). Organize the preparation of your CV into skills, experiences, and achievement-based categories; this will provide you with a comprehensive database from which to select content that reflects specific job role requirements.

2. How much should resume writing cost?

The average cost for all professional resume writing services is AED 500 – AED 600.

3. Who are the best CV writers in the UAE?

Rest assured, with a name like, you will work closely with the No. 1 CV Writing Services in Dubai. The team’s expertise and knowledge – spanning CV writing, career development, and recruitment processes – have benefited thousands, from fresh graduates to CEOs, not only across the UAE but also internationally. Through its intensive consultations coupled with an inherently collaborative approach–they grasp what distinguishes you from other candidates–and strategize your differentiation amidst an intensely competitive job market.

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