Crafting a Winning CV: Essential Dos and Don’ts for Job Seekers

Are you thinking about getting a new job or even switching careers? You’re not by yourself. Many people have had time to think about their jobs and the next steps they want to take in their careers over the past few years. There are a lot of people looking for work, so it’s more important than ever that your CV stands out. According to experts offering Content Writing in Dubai, recruiters and employers only look at your CV for 6 to 8 seconds on average, so it’s very important that you get it right. Like these themes we just talked about, it’s hard to know exactly what to include and what to leave out. We know what to look for because we look at a lot of CVs every day. Here are some “dos” and “don’ts” that will help you improve your CV and send it to recruiters and possible employers with confidence.


  1. Write your work experience in chronological order

The most current experience that is relevant to the job should be at the top. Employers might not see your CV if it is written in order, as it could be confusing. Also, for junior roles, just a job title, dates, and one line should be enough. 

  1. Share too much information in your personal statement

People who are looking for work don’t need to know about divorces, breakups, or custody deals. Employers usually have a bad opinion of people who talk too much about their personal lives or what drives them.

  1. Go into too much detail

Don’t tell them everything right away; save some for the interview. It’s more likely that you will make a mark on the panel if you can build on your skills and experience or add something new during the interview.

  1. Use company language or jargon

The person reading your CV might not understand what you mean when you use certain words or phrases that you are used to. Do not just use words that your business will understand. CV Writers in Abu Dhabi recommend trying to use words that everyone in your field or on the interview panel will understand.

  1. Include a photograph

Many companies are trying to get rid of unconscious bias in the interview process by using blind CVs and other methods. Adding a picture makes it harder to keep the balance.

It can make all the difference if you avoid these mistakes when you rewrite your CV. Managers are always looking for reasons not to meet someone. But it’s not just about what you shouldn’t do; you should also think about how to make yourself stand out and keep employers interested in what you have to give.


  1. Include career gaps in your CV

When making a short list, being unclear can be a red flag. There’s no need for a lot of information; one line is enough. It’s honest and upbeat, not negative and avoidant.

  1. Don’t write in paragraphs

If you want to get hired, recruiters and managers will look for buzzwords on your CV instead of written text, so make sure it is clear and easy to read. Instead of full words, try writing in bullet points.

  1. Keep your CV as short as possible

CV Writing Services in Dubai emphasizes that a CV for a basic job should not be longer than two sides of an A4 sheet. For a senior job (or a candidate with more experience), it could be longer than three sides. Think about what you could cut or add to your CV if it’s longer than three sides.

  1. Think carefully before taking a risk

It can be fun and interesting to have an unusual CV, but it’s also very dangerous, especially for white-collar or blue-chip jobs. People who might hire you might think that you are all style and no substance. If you have the skills and experience, let your CV do the talking.

  1. Work with a recruitment partner

They spend all day reading CVs to figure out what makes you stand out. Not only that, but they will also know more about what the client wants, so they can help you highlight the most important skills on your CV.

  1. Tailor your CV

When applying for a senior specialist job, this can make a big difference. It doesn’t matter as much if you’re applying for a junior or generalist role. You don’t have to make many changes; just list the most important skills or accomplishments for the job. Instead of using overused words like “commercial” or “hard-working,” which can turn off companies. You should instead think of examples that show how the skills you want to promote can be used.

No. 1 Professional Content Writing in Dubai

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  1. Will the CV you write for me be tested on an ATS?

There are dozens of applicant tracking systems used by UAE employers. A recruiter will configure each ATS unique to each job vacancy using business jargon keywords and phrases. We extract keywords and phrases from the job description, job post, company website, and social media posts to boost your chances of appearing in their ATS search results instead of running your CV through a single ATS.

  1. Are CV writing services worth it?

We’re not the most qualified individuals to write our own resumes, just as most of us wouldn’t trim our own hair. Thus, nothing can replace working with a professional CV writer to help you distill the whirlwind of accomplishments you thought were just ordinary aspects of your daily life into a perfectly condensed CV that will enable you to jump right into your ideal job position as soon as it becomes available.

  1. How many pages should a CV be?

The optimum CV length varies on experience, sector, and employment needs. If you’re a recent graduate with less than a year of experience, keep your CV to one page with the essentials. A 2-page CV is fine if you’re not a graduate. For each job application, highlight your most relevant skills and achievements because recruiters swiftly scan CVs.

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