Importance of Having a Professional LinkedIn Profile in 2024

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LinkedIn has turned 20 years old in 2023. Since its initial inception as your online networking and e-resume platform, a lot has transpired. The platform now bears very little similarity to its initial layout because of the numerous, highly valuable personal branding capabilities introduced over time. According to professional  LinkedIn Profile Writing Help in Abu Dhabi, here are six reasons to immediately update your profile to look your best online in 2024.

1. You will know the adjustments you need to make. 

If your company conducts year-end reviews, you have spent the last month or so reflecting on your accomplishments in 2023 to prepare for your annual performance evaluation. You probably have a sizable collection of worthwhile and relevant stuff that you may utilize to update your profile. Every year, a refresh is a smart idea.

2. The first place people will look you up is on LinkedIn. 

Even coworkers interested in conducting business with you will usually go straight to LinkedIn and enter your name in the search bar at the top of the page when they want to learn more about you. Additionally, if they search on Google first, as some internet users do, they will see your LinkedIn page. This is because your LinkedIn profile will appear in the top results. Furthermore, the top three items on a Google search results page are where most clicks occur. If improving your visibility in digital platforms is your 2024 objective, all it takes is one platform to get things started.

3. You have to get ready for the next move. 

Your profile might only reflect your professional goals if you have updated it in a year or longer. While authenticity is a key component of personal branding, aspiration is equally important. LinkedIn Profile writing help in Sharjah recommends showing that you’re prepared for the position you’re applying for. An area to concentrate on is your skills or abilities. Only the top three skills you have received endorsements are shown to others who see your profile. Thus, confirm that those abilities are relevant to your future career goals. To put the right skills at the top, rearrange your skill set.

4. You’ll acquaint yourself with everything on LinkedIn. 

You’ll undoubtedly check your feed, the list of connection requests made since your last visit to LinkedIn, and the messages that have arrived in your LinkedIn inbox while editing your profile. If you catch up now, you’ll be well-informed and in a good position to assist your professional circles in launching new projects at the beginning of the next year. Do not hesitate to seek help from a legit LinkedIn writing company in Dubai for proper guidance.

5. You can prove your significance. 

Creator Mode is a relatively new feature on LinkedIn that you aren’t using. This tool can also inform others about your areas of expertise, even if it was created for thought leaders who wish to post content on the site. You can choose your top five hashtags in creator mode or the topics you wish to be linked to. Immediately below your headline at the top of your page, these hashtags provide users with a wealth of information about you as soon as they click on your profile.

6. You’ll stand out among others. 

One of the greatest ways to become more visible and credible to those who need to know you is through LinkedIn. It assists you in maintaining ties to extensive networks of significant contacts. You may create a three-dimensional tour of your business in the two-dimensional world by adding movies and photographs to your profile using the Featured feature, a strong yet rarely used but incredibly valuable tool. It will offer you an advantage and make it possible for people to get to know you better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I hire someone to write my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, they will ensure that your profile is up to date and optimized to the fullest extent possible so that it shows up in search results and draws in visitors. 

2. How much should I pay to assist me in writing a LinkedIn profile?

The cost of LinkedIn Profile Writing Help in UAE starts from AED 399 onwards.

3. Who can help me build my LinkedIn profile? remains Dubai’s most trusted professional content writing services provider. They have a track record of success in developing winning profiles that can attract recruiters and employers.


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