CV Writing for Senior Level Professionals and C-Level Executives

Condensing your accomplishments and merits into a single document might be intimidating whether you’re applying for your first job out of college or you’re a seasoned professional aiming for a senior level role. An updated and polished CV is the one thing you can’t overlook when searching for a new job. You’ve probably worked in a few different fields or departments during the course of your career. Some of you may have gotten hired or promoted without ever having to go through an interview process. But the question is, “How do you translate all of these career milestones into writing?”. This is our most important recommendation. Have someone else review your CV by entrusting it with reputable companies specializing in CV Writing in UAE like They are familiar with executive resume writing and will give you a comprehensive, in-depth evaluation of your resume for free, providing sound advice and general feedback. In this article, let us learn some of the most powerful changes you can make in CV Writing in UAE.

Incorporate your best credentials at the top of your CV

Regardless of your level of experience in the subject, this is a simple yet profound adjustment: Put your strongest credentials first on your executive resume, especially those that are directly relevant to the position you’re seeking. This is the first place most recruiters will look, so making sure they are on the first page increases their chances of being noticed.

Include a URL to your online resume (i.e. LinkedIn)

Is it true that 90% of companies check out potential employees’ social media before scheduling an interview? Put links to your social media profiles and professional websites next to your other contact details to save them time. Professional CV Writing in UAE suggests providing a personalized link to your LinkedIn page.

Highlight important qualifications and skills

Hiring managers, even for executive jobs like CFO and CCO, will likely only give your resume a glance before moving on to the next candidate. Make sure your executive CV stands out by clearly displaying your main abilities, sometimes known as “core competencies” or “areas of expertise.” Choose abilities that are pertinent to the job for which you are seeking. Review the posting for clues about how to tailor your application materials.

Focus on your major achievements, not just roles or responsibilities

If you are at a senior level in your field, you probably have a long list of achievements. This, however, does not imply that you should write down every single item you’ve ever accomplished. For instance, CV Writing in UAE recommends to include awards and recognitions on executive CV that best exemplified the results and influence you had achieved. 

Display your most recent and relevant employment history

Most executive CVs will benefit using a chronological format, as it demonstrates your career progression over the years. Recruiters are more interested in your most recent or current position, so this is where you should focus the bulk of your attention. Be sure to include information that highlights the scope of your responsibilities or functions. If your present position is not directly tied to your long-term goals or executive summary, then you are exempt from this regulation even if you haven’t been there very long.

Show how much you’ve accomplished by using real numbers

As a senior professional, you likely oversee things like budgets, departmental objectives, or teams of people, making this an extremely critical skill. Once you have decided to seek help from reliable CV Writing in UAE, they will emphasize more on quantifying your achievements, i.e. annual cost savings to the company, oversight of a sizable number of employees, achievements of sales targets, etc.

Maintain a two-page résumé at all times

If this advice comes as a surprise to you, you’re not alone. The conventional wisdom that resumes should not exceed one page is just that “a fiction”. According to experts in CV Writing in UAE, the standard resume length is two pages, giving you plenty of room to describe your professional experience and, more significantly, your successes.

Only include work history from the last 15 years

Perhaps you have worked for a number of companies and had a variety of positions throughout your career over the years. In what way do you plan to cram everything in? Thankfully, that is not the case. Instead, focus on the recent 15 years or so when compiling your resume. You can have an additional section called “Other Career Roles” if there are roles outside of this time frame that you think are important, but you should avoid providing extensive descriptions. 

For further support or guidance, approach industry professionals from trusted websites such as who are fully knowledgeable and experienced in CV Writing in UAE.

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