Five Important Sections of a CV

There is no doubt that your resume will differ based on whether you are a new graduate, switching careers, or wanting to advance in leadership roles. According to most industry experts from CV Writing Services in Dubai, the following are the essential sections of a curriculum vitae or CV, and this is true regardless of the degree of experience you have or the sector in which you work.

1. Contact details

We can’t tell you how many CVs we’ve received that don’t even include the applicant’s contact information, despite the fact that it seems so simple and clear. On your CV, ensure your name, phone number, email address, and city and province are all clearly visible. If appropriate, links to your website or blog and your social media profiles (provided you’ve cleaned them up first) should also be included. Your contact information should be towards the top of your CV. Hiring managers shouldn’t have to look for it themselves.

2. Career synopsis

The “movie trailer” of a CV is exactly what a career summary is. It’s the place where you bring attention to the most significant aspects of yourself right away. A brief paragraph (three to five sentences) should be included in this section. Its purpose is to demonstrate the value that you bring to the table by highlighting your skills and a couple of significant career successes. However, rather than referring to it as a “summary,” you should choose a title that accurately summarises your credentials.

3. Skills

A skills section should be on every CV writing in Dubai, and your summary should be below in a couple of short, bulleted columns. It makes it easier for companies to quickly scan your resume and determine whether you have the qualifications they seek. It must be entirely focused on the position for which the applicant is applying. Make sure you include the appropriate keywords in your CV to make it as effective as possible for applicant tracking systems (ATS), which companies use to filter job applications. Examine the job posting to determine the essential competencies that the business seeks. Applying for technical professions, such as IT roles, requires candidates to demonstrate to employers that they have the hard skills necessary to accomplish the job; thus, it’s critical that your skills section matches what is listed in the job ad. Don’t undervalue your soft skills, vital workplace abilities like leadership, communication, and problem-solving, which are difficult to quantify. Employers place a higher value on soft skills than on technical competencies like maths and reading comprehension, according to recent studies. Make sure you have these soft skills demonstrated in the part about your professional experience.

4. Work experience

Though many job seekers make the mistake of simply describing their job functions, this is the essential content of any resume. You should recognise and celebrate your successes instead of concentrating on your daily obligations. Your resume shouldn’t seem like a job advertisement. It is crucial to use measurable outcomes when showcasing your accomplishments. It’s all about percentages, dirhams, and numbers at the end of the day.

5. Education

Provide a space at the bottom of your resume for your educational background so hiring managers and recruiters won’t have to search for it. Put your degree and the college you attended in this section. If you have honours or any notable achievement, highlight it too.

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