Formats in Resume Writing

A professional document that sheds light onto one’s professional as well as personal details is what is meant to be understood by the term “resume.” A person’s ability to successfully apply for a job is significantly enhanced by having an exceptionally written profile. In addition, a resume includes details about your professional work experience, education, personal information, areas of expertise, and notable achievements, among other things. When you are trying to get a job, using the best resume template will help you make a strong first impression on potential employers. For this reason, several jobseekers nowadays have made a decision to entrust this task to professional writers who are specialized in Resume Writing in UAE like In this article, let us discuss what are the most common formats of a resume.

Formats for Chronological Resumes

In the professional world, the chronological resume is the one that is most frequently utilized. This is mostly due to the fact that this resume format is simple to scan and emphasizes professional information, including work history. In actuality, a candidate’s job history is provided in reverse chronological order. It is one of the best resume formats as a result. To put it another way, a chronological resume outlines the applicant’s career development from the past to the present. To be clear, this kind of CV emphasizes a candidate’s professional background. As a result, this type of resume is intended for applicants with extensive experience. According to a professional CV Center in Dubai, employers frequently seek employees with experience because they just require a little amount of conditioning prior to working on projects. For individuals who are starting their careers, changing their fields of employment, have gaps in their employment history, or have frequently changed employers, a chronological resume is not a viable solution.

Formats for Functional Resumes

In contrast to other resume forms, a functional resume concentrates on the abilities and experiences that demonstrate a candidate’s competency. Evidently, it downplays a candidate’s professional background. Instead, it emphasizes a candidate’s skill set development that qualifies him for selection. Thus, a candidate with little to no work experience should not use a functional resume as per the recommendations of reliable Resume Writing Services in Dubai. In fact, for those who must omit the chronological resume, the functional resume is a suitable substitute. Therefore, those who are starting their careers, switching careers, have gaps in their work history, or who frequently move employment may consider using functional Resume Writing in UAE.

Formats for Combination Resumes

Between the two extremes of the chronological and functional resumes is the combination resume. The abilities and strengths of the applicant are outlined in the resume’s opening section, which is followed by his employment history. As is evident, the resume does not focus on either the employment history nor the skill set. This means that a combination resume gives the company just enough information by highlighting the work experience and skill sets in a way that ensures neither of them steals the show. Fundamentally, this resume format combines the strengths of both the functional and chronological formats.

Other Formats For Resumes

The resumes described above are undoubtedly widely used in the business sector. Some unconventional ones have, nevertheless, found their way onto our list. Among them are: Infographic Resume, Targeted Resume and Non-Traditional Resume.


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