The Reason Why You Need a Professional CV

The Reason Why You Need a Professional CV

Anyone can find it difficult to get a job. This is true, especially for those who have recently graduated from college, those who are returning to the workforce after a hiatus, or those who have held a career for a considerable amount of time, may find it particularly challenging. Fierce competition and an excessive number of qualified job candidates are on the market. How can you improve your chances of landing an excellent career in the industry you adore? Resume writing in Dubai serves as the initial step for almost everyone. For better assistance, you can approach reliable firms such as with a track record of success in delivering tangible results for you. Below are some of the most significant reasons you need a professional CV.


  • Your applications are not being answered

It can be upsetting when your repeated applications go unanswered. When we found ourselves in that predicament, we all inquired, “What are we doing wrong?” Are we not qualified for the position? Underqualified? Overqualified?


Reasons why you might not be successful:

You are ineligible for the position.

You are exaggerating your abilities.

Your resume is not customized for the position you are applying for

Application tracking systems (ATS) do not favor your resume.

  • You haven’t applied for a job in a while.

    It’s likely that you last updated your resume a while ago if the same firm has employed you for a while. Did you realize that CV trends also change quickly? For instance, prospective employers no longer require access to your address or date of birth. Their interest in your social media handles may depend on the industry. When applying for a creative position, the layout and design are crucial factors to consider because fashion in this area changes quickly. Another key development is the processing of CVs and how they should be written in response. Recruiters today frequently use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter the numerous CVs they get based on keywords. Professional CV Writers in Abu Dhabi will ensure your resume is current with market demands and has all the necessary search terms to get you past the ATS and into an interview.

  • You’re making a job application in a different country.

    It is not sufficient to simply translate a CV because trends vary from country to country. In France, for instance, having a photo of yourself on your resume is customary, whereas in the UK, doing so can be frowned upon. The likelihood of receiving a call after applying is higher for candidates who expertly use their CVs to demonstrate they are culturally informed and prepared to start immediately in their new country. Aside from that, while in some nations emphasizing the businesses you’ve worked for may benefit you, in other cultures, it may be valued more for what you have accomplished in your career. Professional Resume Writing Services in UAE may help you highlight your intercultural skills and awareness and show that you know about your area’s hiring practices and CV trends.

  • Your CV shows an employment gap.

Any gap in your resume writing in Dubai will raise questions from recruiters, regardless of the cause—travel, child care, or termination—so it must be portrayed in the best light and with a positive and logical approach. Your CV specialist can assist you in developing an honest, clear, and error-free reason for employment gaps and in getting ready for any follow-up queries.  With a little assistance, you’ll be well-equipped to answer such questions and can take advantage of the chance to emphasize your values and professional goals.


FAQs About Resume Writing in Dubai

Q. What is a professional CV?

Ans– Job applicants utilize a curriculum vitae, also known as a CV, to highlight their academic and professional achievements. It is used to apply for jobs in industries that demand a person’s specialized training or experience. A curriculum vitae is typically longer than a resume and must contain the details that a recruiter needs to verify an applicant’s skills, experience, and educational credentials.

Q. What should a professional CV include?

Ans- Contact details, a resume aim or summary, employment history, education, and abilities are all included. Extracurricular activities, projects, awards, training, certificates, interests & hobbies, volunteer work, and other optional elements can also be highlighted.

Q. Is A CV the same as a resume?

Ans- According to Professional CV Writing Services in UAE, a curriculum vitae is a comprehensive history of your academic accomplishments. Hence its length varies. In contrast, a resume briefly summarises your abilities and experience for a particular position. Therefore its length is typically shorter and determined by years of experience.

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