Personal Traits to Highlight in your CV

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Having a compelling CV is a strategic approach to impress a recruiter or employer so you can secure more job interviews and land your dream job. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your relevant work experience, knowledge, areas of expertise, notable accomplishments, and other information that will convince them why you are the best candidate for the available position. This is the reason why you should invest in seeking help from experts such as who have a track record of success in offering CV writing in Sharjah. They have a team of experienced consultants and writers who are fully equipped to understand your needs and capable of producing impressive resumes. In this article, let us outline some personal traits that you must highlight in your curriculum vitae.

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1. Interpersonal skills

Your relationship skills are how well you can talk to and work with other people. Communication (verbal, written, and listening), reading body language, handling feelings, negotiating, and solving conflicts are all examples of interpersonal skills. This is probably the most important personal skill to list on your CV writing in Sharjah, as it is required for almost all jobs and highly valued by companies.

2. Teamwork skills

How well you work with others on a team is a measure of your teamwork skills. Sharing information, helping to solve a problem, working toward common goals, dividing chores fairly among team members, etc., are all important parts of working as a team.

3. Leadership skills

Even if you’re not in a management or leadership role, it’s important to have leadership skills. This is because being a leader means taking responsibility for your own work and mistakes, having a long-term vision and not being short-sighted, being productive at all times, and leading others to a successful result.

4. Enthusiasm and a strong will to succeed

No one wants to hire someone who takes a long time to do even the smallest jobs or sighs a lot when asked to do something. These kinds of candidates don’t have much energy or drive. According to CV Writing Help in UAE, employers want to hire people who are passionate about what they do, who do their jobs well, and who are always looking forward to the next one.

5. Take the lead

Your initiative is your skill to make things happen on your own. It means you don’t just sit around and wait for things to happen or come to you. Instead, you make things happen and bring things to you. You always take the first step when you need to, and you never do nothing when you face a problem.

6. Skills in management and getting things done

Management and planning skills are important personal traits that are needed in most, if not all, jobs. Based on recent studies by a reputable Online CV company in UAE, research has shown that poor management is the main reason why most projects and jobs fail. Managing time, money, and attention well at work can do a lot of good and help most projects, activities, and groups succeed.

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7. Be able to deal with stress and meet goals

When you compare the jobs of a surgeon and a cleaner, for example, you can see that the surgeon has more stress and pressure than the cleaner. In most jobs, however, applicants will at some point or another be under a lot of stress or pressure to get something done or to solve a problem on time. Employers want to know if these people will lose their cool when things get tough or if they will stay calm and get the job done well.

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