Misconception About CV Writing

One of the most popular and frequently asked inquiries CV Writing Help in Dubai receives is “How do I write a great CV?” It appears that candidates either horribly oversimplify their experiences or attempt to write in a highly thorough and “boring” manner, depending on which way the pendulum swings. Regarding resume writing, there are certainly a lot of myths. Of course, you should heed the advice of professionals regarding what employers want to see on your CV; this may need you to further customize it to the exact requirements of the position. This is very advised because your chances of being chosen increase with the amount of work you do. This is a general guide on what to put on your resume and what you should absolutely leave off.

True or False?

Should resumes not exceed one page? FALSE! Since your CV will be the first thing a potential employer sees about you, there’s no reason to omit important details in order to keep it under one page. It is impossible to keep a one- or even two-page CV throughout your career. Don’t get us wrong; a CV Center in Dubai is not advocating that you submit a 15-page play-by-play of everything you have done. If you try to do this, you will lose out on information that might help you get the interview.

A guide to the ideal CV length:

  • 0 – 5 years = up to 2 pages
  • 5 – 10 year = up to 2 to 3 pages
  • Over 10 years = 3 pages

How do you maintain a detailed, yet concise resume?


Forget about your extensive skill set and your never-ending “shopping list” of tools, technologies, and procedures.


According to Best CV writing services in Dubai, your CV must include context and explanation for every item.


Explain your role, the tools you utilized, how you used them, and why in the role overview area. The WHY and HOW are crucial.


A sequence of words can be written by anyone, but placing them in context requires a true understanding of their function.


If you have experience working for a reputable company, like a top bank, you don’t need to describe the company’s mission or identity. The hirer will skim past it anyhow, thus this is just a waste of space. According to CV Writing Services in UAE, a brief synopsis is helpful, nevertheless, whether your work experience is global or if you have worked for a relatively unknown start-up.


  1. Include your name, email, phone number, and address
  2. The picture can be optional! It’s also best to just use your social networking and LinkedIn profile photos
  3. Font: Although it may be tempting to jazz up your resume with a little Comic Sans, stay with more formal fonts like Arial and Calibri, and use black for the font color
  4. Optional: Website or LinkedIn
  5. Synopsis: Tell about yourself, your work history, your essential competencies, and your future goals
  6. The name and location of the previous companies
  7. Dates of start and finish (include the month as well as the year)
  8. Synopsis: your position, the project, the goal, the size of the team, and a high-level description of the work you individually completed; technologies, tools, and procedures ought to be discussed inside the summary itself, not only enumerated below
  9. Key Achievements: a list of your accomplishments, together with a description of how and why you did them
  10. Credentials, licenses, and professional training
  11. Your personal and professional interests, as well as any notable projects

Top-Rated CV Writing Help in Dubai

The average time it takes to accept or reject a CV is thirty seconds! Isn’t that a short period of time? not for CVCenter.ae, which offers CV Writing Help in Dubai. They are aware of the necessary steps to get the interest of all recruiting managers in this time frame. You can advance in your profession far more quickly if you work with certified CV writers. The staff has the ability to design strong resumes that are capable of landing your ideal job, and their ambition fuels their achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long should my CV be? 

A CV should not exceed 3 pages, since this gives you plenty of room to contain all relevant information about your work experience.

2. Should I include a cover letter? 

Only when a cover letter is carefully customized for the position will it be effective. A basic cover letter gives the impression that you haven’t done any work. If you choose to include a cover letter, make sure it is addressed appropriately and use it to clearly state how your experience and talents align with those needed for the position.

3. Who can write my CV?

Recognized as a highly comprehensive business, CVCenter.ae provides fast response times and reasonable prices without compromising the quality of work. Together with receiving top-notch customer support, you will collaborate with a qualified writer.

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