Professional CV Writing Services in UAE

Professional CV Writing Services

Many employers were compelled to lay off employees during the COVID-19 pandemic; regrettably, this has now led to workforce reductions in certain industries. Numerous individuals in the aviation, travel, and entertainment industries, to name a few, have experienced this.  Consequently, how do you describe this on your resume and how do you customise it for new positions? If you are contemplating alternative employment while still on furlough, Professional CV Writing Services in UAE recommends reviewing the furlough provisions of your current employer, as certain contracts prohibit you from working elsewhere.

Explanation of furlough followed by redundancy in a CV

It is not mandatory to provide an extensive explanation on your curriculum vitae. You were employed during your furlough; therefore, there is no need to update the dates on this section of your CV. Conversely, if you are no longer employed at that organisation, you may merely indicate: rendered redundant subsequent to a furlough period.  Your employment period concluded on the date of your dismissal, not when you began furlough. This subsequently enables the employer to comprehend the reason for your departure from the position; many are forgiving of this and will not be concerned about a gap in employment. 

How should a CV be customised when applying to a different industry?

CV Writing Help Sharjah has advised to customize your curriculum vitae (CV) if you have experience working in a different industry and are interested in applying your transferable skills to a different position. This effectively conveys to the reader that you are an exceptional candidate possessing the necessary skills. The two primary sections that warrant attention in this context are the Key Skills and Professional Profile sections. To accomplish this, you must carefully review the job advertisement and, if possible, modify the language.

Professional Profile

This should provide an overview of your experience and talent set. While many candidates prioritise their industry experience, this is not the place to do so; rather, to highlight your transferable skills. Thus, if you were to write about the travel industry, for instance, you might emphasise your extensive experience working in customer-centric environments rather than that sector. You could also compose about “ensuring that every member of the staff has a positive experience with the company” if you worked in the entertainment industry. You may include a statement at the conclusion of your professional profile indicating that you are “currently seeking a new and exciting role where I can fully utilise numerous transferable skills” or that you are interested in applying for this type of work. In case you need proper assistance, do not hesitate to contact CV Writing Help Abu Dhabi.

Key Skills

Thoroughly examine the job advertisement and mirror the necessary skill set. This may have an entirely different emphasis on your current CV, especially if you hold a more senior position or work in a different industry. It is critical that you do not presume the reader will automatically recognise that you possess the necessary skills; instead, modify this section accordingly. Be sure to review the job advertisement and make note of the skills that align with the requirements. If you are running out of time and require a professional CV, seek help from an expert offering Urgent CV making in Dubai.

You might consider rearranging the responsibilities section of the remainder of the CV to ensure that the most pertinent information appears initially.  You should also do this with significant accomplishments. However, if you are more senior and pursuing a career change, you may wish to downplay your key accomplishments if you realise you may be required to begin at the entry level. Bearing in mind that quality trumps quantity, a small amount of additional time spent customising your CV will generate significantly more results., the preeminent provider of professional CV writing services in UAE, will gladly evaluate your resume at no cost.

FAQs on Professional CV Writing Services

Are CV writing services worth it?

There is nothing that can compare to the assistance of a professional CV writer who will assist you in condensing a whirlwind of accomplishments that you once considered mundane aspects of your daily life into a perfectly condensed CV that will have you prepared to hit the ground running the moment your dream job position becomes available.

Do you have UAE-based CV writers?

We perform all CV writing in Dubai internally and never outsource our work to independent contractors. We are an expanding community of professional CV writers affiliated with an organisation that has decades of experience delivering LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and CVs of the highest quality available. Our expertise spans across numerous interplanetary labour markets, enabling us to customise our services according to the unique requirements of every client.

How many pages should a CV be?

The optimal CV length is contingent upon a multitude of factors, including professional background, sector, and employment prerequisites. It is advisable that CVs of recent graduates with less than one year of experience be restricted to one page, containing solely the pertinent information. In contrast, it is generally appropriate for a CV to be no longer than two to three pages if you are not a recent graduate.

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